Migration and Borders

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen: Access to Asylum

Reading Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen: Access to Asylum – International Refugee Law and the Globalisation of Migration Control, Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 2011 by Pauline Weller ‘Is there still a right to seek asylum…

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Jon Erik Nyholm

Freedom, not Frontex

There cannot be democracy without global freedom of movement Statement by the network Afrique-Europe-Interact, Welcome to Europe and Network Critical Migration and Border Regime Research. Written March 8 2011. Illustration: A.E.Interact, Jon Erik Nyholm The…

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City is Migration

City is Migration: The Urban Arena Under An Ethnographic-Genealogic Perspective by Sabine Hess Translated from German ‘City is Migration’. With these plain and simple words, the urban scholar Erol Yildiriz demonstrates the structural interrelation between…

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Illustration by Mathias Malling Mortense

Maltreatment on their route to Europe

The experiences of Somali refugees: Maltreatment on their route to Europe The refugee route from Somalia to Europe is paved with cynicaltraffickers, risky voyages, confiscations, humiliations and torture.It is a scary space, and difficult to…

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Kingsley's Crossing by Jimmy

Kingsley’s Crossing

This is another story on Kingsleys’ crossing than the movie of the same name. The story of a journey from Cameroun through Africa to Spain and Denmark and back to Spain and Cameroun again. The…

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