Camps and Asylum

Statement from Afghan asylum seekers in Denmark

Statement on the occasion of demonstration on the 10th of November from 1pm to 5pm. From the City Hall Square to Christiansborgs Slotsplads. By Afghan Asylum Seekers Dear parliament members, 30 years of war in Afghanistan…

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The First Step Away From Segregation

First published in The Reykjavík Grapevine 30.5.2011. by Snorri Páll Jónsson Úlfhildarson, No Borders Reykjavik. Words are weapons. Controlling language—the meaning of words, which words exist and which do not—is the ruling powers’ fundamental premise…

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The Journey to Iraq

Here we bring a desperate account from Iraq wherefrom a rejected asylum seeker writes, a short time after his repatriation, about his deportation from Denmark and his consequent feeling of alienation, incomprehension and inability to…

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Hope for future is power for present

by Jean Claude Gakimbiri · Illustration: Sara Houmann Mortensen I define hope as “the happy anticipation of good things.”If we don’t have hope in the future we cannot have power in the present. Hope will give…

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Testimonies From A Public Hearing

Testimonies from The Trampoline House’s Public Hearing. What is wrong with the Danish asylum system? And what can be done to improve it? On May 27, 2011 the user-driven culture house, the Trampoline House, organized…

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Rights of women seeking asylum

Every woman has the right to be treated in a dignified way and for her gender to be taken into consideration when her asylum case is being dealt with, says UK asylum organizations. But only…

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Shattered dreams

In this interview we talk with deported Maureen trying to survive a sever sickness in Cameroun and her Danish lawyer Poul Roepstorff trying to explain why the Danish Asylum system couldn’t give her humanitarian residence…

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Illustration by Arendse Krabbe

Awaiting acceptance

Being a refugee. Being a woman. Being in a camp. In a strange country. Waiting to know the fate of one’s future. Many different factors make up the situations for people seeking asylum. Here we…

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