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Amplify our unheard voices

This speech was given on the 22nd of May 2014 in Sund, Norway at a public gathering attended by Sund’s mayor. It addresses the political unrest and human rights abuses in Ethiopia, and draws attention…

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‘Alto Deportaciones’ by Santiago Armengod

“Stop Deportations of Migrants – We all have rights, with or without papers.” Poster from the Migration Now portfolio by Santiago Armengod from Justseeds Artists’ Coorperative. For more information see: www.migrationnow.com and www.justseeds.org

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Out Of The Camps poster You Can't Imagine ...

Why Everyone Should Mean Everyone

With the coming to power of the new government, immigrants in general and asylum seekers in particular had their hopes raised. It was a new daybreak after a long wait for asylum seekers hoping for…

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The Trampoline House’s 1st of May Speech

Speech by The Trampoline House at the 1st of May ANTIFA demonstration in Copenhagen “Live more, Work less”. by Liza, Izabela and Keiko · Video by Thomas Elsted We are asylum seekers. And right now…

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