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A burning taste of exile

Recommendation: Warsan Shire: Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth. Poems. flipped eye publishing 2011 By Lise Olivarius The first words of Warsan Shire’s collection of poems read: “I have my mother’s mouth and my…

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In the Face of Hate

By Riema Ali and Ali Ali (Aab) • Illustration by Casper Øbro • From #11, 2015 A: Wars, discrimination, terrorism and racism. In the whole world it is all going in the same direction. I…

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‘Staying Power’ by Mary Tremonte

“Staying Power – immigrants form families and plant roots in our communities …” Poster from the Migration Now portfolio by Mary Tremonte from Justseeds Artists’ Coorperative. For more information see: www.migrationnow.com and www.justseeds.org

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If The Sea Could Talk - by Casper Øbro

If the Sea Could Talk

Imagine if the sea could talk. Unfortunately it is impossible, but if possible this would be the time to lend our ears to different sounds, cries and songs but also to the many testimonials filled…

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