Asylum Camp Limbo – a report about obstacles to deportation

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A report about obstacles to deportation in Denmark by Michala Clante Bendixen, Refugees Welcome.

Introduction by Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

The report ”Asylum camp limbo” concerns the group of rejected asylum seekers in Denmark who cannot be deported to their country of origin for different reasons. The Danish practice leads to these people spending up to 15 years in daily anxiety about the future, breaking them down. A situation which over the years has caused attention in the Danish media and sharp criticism from among others the European Council and the UN.

The eight case stories described in the report come from eight differnt countries with an average stay in Danish asylum camps of nine years. Together they form an image of why this situation can arise.

The children in these families call for special attention, as the majority of them show signs of psychological disorders after a few years in the Danish asylum system.

Even though the recently elected government has plans to offer accomodation outside the camps it will not solve the problem of anxiety and insecurity about the future for this group. The author presents a list of recommendations to solutions.

Michala Clante Bendixen has been working voluntarily with refugees for many years and is active in the debate about asylum policy in Denmark. The practical work with the asylum cases has given her great experience with legislation, practice and the personal aspects. She is part of the NGOs Refugees Welcome/The Committee for Underground Refugees and Eva Smiths campaign Asylbørnene Ud Nu.

Download the full report here