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Those who tend to cause trouble

Affective outcomes of the politics of differences, otherness, and strangeness and how these shape bodies over time are some of the main concerns in Sara Ahmed’s writings. As a professor in Race and Cultural Studies…

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What do people in the asylum camps think?

Reactions: What do people in the asylum camps think of the new asylum agreement? In October 2012 the Government made a new asylum agreement together with Enhedslisten and Liberal Alliance. The Trampoline House welcomes the improved…

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roskilde festival

Roskilde Festival 2012

In the summer of 2012 visAvis went to the Roskilde Festival. We wrote articles every day which were then displayed on our newspaper-wall. In this way we were able to maintain a dialogue with the…

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Mohammad Shoja portrait

Interview With Mohammad Shoja Tajik

Interview With Mohammad Shoja Tajik, An Afghan Artist by Rasmus Brink Pedersen • Photo by amorn bunsri We are sitting in Mohammad Shoja Tajik’s room, in a container behind the former psychiatric hospital, which is…

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Statements from a Public Hearing

Here we bring a shortened version of a transcription of a Public Hearing, held on Friday the 10th of February 2012 in The Trampoline House. The Public Hearing was the starting point of the campaign…

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