Open letter to Helle T. Schmidt

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“My name is Hassan Mohamed Said.

Me and my brothers from the camps, came to Denmark from Syria to regain our lives. As Kurds in Syria, we encountered a lot of oppression, not being able to speak freely or educate ourselves. I have now been in the Danish asylum system for more than a year and a half.

I asked of you, Helle Thorning Schmidt, to visit the asylum centers. There are problems in all of the centers. I hope that the Department of Immigration will not let this matter wait for long. Many refugees like myself are exhausted and troubled and cannot endure more waiting. You and your government are not aware of what is happening to us, while we wait for answer.

I hope to see you in Camp Sigerslev, where i live, and speak with you about this matter.

– Hassan M. Said.”

This weekend a young asylum seeker has committed suicide due to the tough existence in the camps.

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