Editorial to visAvis #10

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Hello and welcome to visAvis # 10! Our efforts and hopes for this issue are part of an ongoing process of making the journal accessible to more people, in more languages, and presenting a diverse range of texts and images, which we hope will create pathways into this issue of visAvis.

One of the areas of focus for #10 is that of visual storytelling from Avnstrup Asylum Camp, which the Camp Group has visited continuously during the spring. Furthermore, we bring you a thecComic created at a workshop hosted by the Visual Group in the Trampoline House in April, as well as visual material an article from athe workshop in Switzerland.

This issue contains poetry and essays by a number of different contributors, among them Athena Farrokhzad and Maja Lee Langvad, who draw attention to the current public debates about racism, the EU’s migration politics and transnational adoption.

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Moreover, we present poems in Dari and Danish, testimonies of journeys from Iran and Morocco, a story of Syrian boat refugees, reflections on borders and movement in South Sudan and Palestine, and discussions of the conditions of asylum seekers. Finally, we continue our series on migrants’ access to health care.

In general news, the Trampoline House has moved (should we write the address?),to Thoravej 7 in the NordVvest neighbourhood., Ccongratulations on the new space! In the future vVisAvis will have be holding office hours in the new house in the future, and we want to welcome you all to stop by with your thoughts and ideas, or just for a conversation. All the visAvis groups – Visual, Editorial and Camp Group – are open for new members and inspiration. We would especially like to make a call-out to those of you with language skills such as (Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, Farsi, Pashtu or others…)! Come and talk to us if you are thinking about joining.

Pleasant reading.

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