Afghan asylum seekers demonstrates in Copenhagen

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Report from the Afghan asylum seeker’s demonstration The 10th of November in Copenhagen

Speech by Devid Parsa · photo: Paula Nimand Duvå and Katerina Pisackova

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, Asalam alekum everyone.

We are here today because we have a peaceful request. We are here because we want to know why the Danish soldiers are still staying in our country when they say that it is safe enough to send us back. They know that Afghanistan is still an unsafe land. Did they come to protect us or to capture our land?

Our asylum cases are being rejected. They should know that to send us back, is the same as killing us. We ask the Danish government: if you want to kill us by sending us back, please kill us now.

I am 26 years old, but because of war I did not see my youth. I had to leave my family and here in the Danish asylum centers we are loosing our minds day by day. If the Danish government does not give us permission to stay, they should at least remove our fingerprints so that we can travel to another country. They should not send us back to the death country Afghanistan.

The life is so short, even for love. I don’t know how the people find time for hitting each other. We are here because we want a peaceful normal life.